Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google phone has gone public


why do i care??

The new Google phone has the google maps, and interactivity with the maps built right into the phone. You simply type in the address you wish to reach, and up comes turn by turn directions and the google earth view as well.

Now if Google could just incorporate or find a way to set a setting that would pick bike worthy roads as opposed to four lane highways.

If this would happen, your phone could replace your GPS unit. Now it is not waterproof, a big plus for the GPS unit and if you want all that fancy stuff like cadence and who knows what else,

then turn by turn directions are not gonna be enough for you.

But for folks who want to find their way home when biking and lost, this phone is IT.

The phone sells for $529 without a plan or $179 with T Mobile. Verizon will have it available in the spring of 2010.

As I have said in a previous post, Google really needs to take biking and route making to a new level that only Google can do.

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Elissa said...

You miss the point of smart phones like google's nexus one (or any android phone). Google doesn't have to create a program that will find the route... someone just needs to want it and know how, anyone can create the program (app) that will do it. Currently though the stock google maps app on many android phones does have a 'walking' option which avoids freeways. Though personally I know how to read a map fine.

My fave apps so far for biking are cardiotrainer and velox. Look them up at androlib.com