Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a barn, a pair of eyes and a conversation

Now this is a bike fitter, we are in Spectrum's Barn Workshop. Tom Kellogg is watching me bike. Tom watches from every angle.

That is all Tom does, WATCH plus he listens and he listens very well.

This is a fitting like none other. This is low tech fitting, this is a fitting by a master, someone who has been fitting and building bikes for over 30 years. Tom does not use a computer with electrodes, nor does he use fancy measuring tools.

Tom uses his gifts and those are his eyes and his ears.

I was with Tom for 3 hrs, no ringing phones, no other customers, unless you count his dog.

Tom has the paint cans right in his shop, I picked bright red, bright blue and white.

Tom is one low key fellow, he loves the bike, he loves biking and it shows.


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It's nice to see that craftmenship and pride are not gone! I'm sure you'll love your new Spectrum as much as your old one!