Wednesday, January 6, 2010

going the distance-aiming for 5000 miles

Biker Chicks is changing this year. I will no longer be posting C rides on Saturday morning. I am hoping someone from within our ranks steps up to take over this job. We may have a C+ group this year as well, a few ladies have volunteered to lead this group.

To be a ride leader:
1. must be a member of WCCC
2. must be willing to give of your time
3. must be willing to keep the group together and safe
4. must learn the cue routes
5. must attend a spring meeting to go over ride leader responsibilities

Hopefully I will hear from someone or maybe you know someone. The WCCClub is in dire need of offering more options for riders other than A and B rides which on some Saturdays can number close to 10 different groups taking off.

With just one C group, this is pretty bad. We need more ride leaders and less whining as to why you cannot lead a group or why the club is not for you. If the club seems to be for fast riders only, DO something about it. BE A RIDE LEADER and make the club for you.

I will be offering rides on Saturday but I am starting a new group. My Saturday rides will be at least 50 miles and we may meet at places other than Hot Foot. Look for me to have the Pedal to Preserve ride up for May. I now have the cue and will be offering this ride in May on either a Saturday or Sunday morning.

My rides will often have a food stop as part of the ride. I will be doing the Chester County Cancer ride, Pedal to Preserve and maybe the French Creek Iron Tour as well, all long distance rides. I may also do the Seagull Century again. This ride is in October.

I will continue to do Tues and Thurs eve rides but these rides will take off at 5:00 pm and NOT 5:30 pm

These rides will also be around 25 miles long. These rides may also take off at different places in order to get more variety. Most times these rides will take off from my house in the boro.

So this is early in the year, make plans to keep some Saturdays open for these long distance rides. Do something different this year with your biking. More miles is a good start.

So email me if interested in being a ride leader.

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