Thursday, January 21, 2010

here's to a gentler and kinder way to fitness

this can't be fun

I have posted before about my goal of 5000 miles this biking season. GOOD news, I have already motivated one chick to join me, she is right now squeezing in cycling even though she is busy. She goes out for a quick 10-20 miles in order to accumulate miles. Now this is how it is done.

I am heading out today for 25 miles. Every time you bike you DO NOT have to do 30 or more miles. While at my bike fitting yesterday, Tom K said it is actually better to ride 4 times during the week and do just 20 or so miles each time. My son has repeatedly told me this. But like all of you, this just seems too easy. He said in terms of conditioning, this scenario is better and increases your conditioning. SO more times on the road is the best plan. Running out for a quick 20 miles does the body good, better than doing 3 long rides per week.

As women, we all think, "got to go for the burn, got to feel the pain, no pain no gain, if it doesn't hurt it won't work" and the list goes on and on.

We need to change the paradigm. Women and I guess men too, are conditioned by the media and diet book promoters that in order to get fit and lose weight, we have to suffer. Have to be starving ourselves, have to be exercising so hard we drop and must do the exercise with intensity.

Here's to the gentle way to fitness. JUST BIKE. No need to speed around the countryside, no need to climb hills all the time. JUST BIKE.

NO need to go to training classes, no need to kill yourself in spinning classes, no need to eat a small bowl of cereal for breakfast and that is it till a miniature lunch. Then more exercise.

Just eat and exercise and HAVE FUN!! Fitness will follow.

Change the paradigm!!

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