Saturday, January 30, 2010

5000 miles for 2010 update

Today is Jan 30 and so far I have done 250 miles. For the month of January this is pretty good. Last week I did 2 thirty mile rides as the weather was rather mild. Both my son and I have found that we enjoy the colder weather. You do not run through bottles of water the way you do in the summer heat, and with the leaves down, you can see much more scenery.

Plus when you do see other rides, these riders are way more friendly than in the summer. Seems to be a mutual respect.

I have also mastered the solo ride. For some time, I was not keen on riding solo. But now I have come to enjoy it. Some pluses are:

1. can ride as long or short as you want

2. can stop whenever you want

3. don't have to shout out directions to other riders

4. lots of time to think and ponder

5. cars are not nearly as angry when it is a solo rider out in freezing weather

6. very peaceful

I do believe the key to getting better on the bike is merely to BIKE. You do not have to waist money on fancy computer training programs, spend time on the spinning bikes nor feel that you must get faster.

Just BIKE, that is all you have to do. Go slow, go fast, does not matter. It is simply a matter of laying down the miles. The more miles, the better you will get. Nothing magical.

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Frey Maxim said...

"lots of time to think and ponder"

thats my favorite