Saturday, January 16, 2010

my dream bike

I go to my bike fitting this Wednesday at Spectrum Bike. The fitting is 3 hrs long, Tom has over 30 yrs experience building bikes. So not your average guy setting up a bike shop and saying he can fit bikes and has done about 100 bikes and is age 22.

SO buyer beware when it comes to fitting. In my book nothing can replace experience,

I will be getting a titanium bike with outstanding components and wheels. This is my 60th birthday gift. Don't want a cruise, don't want a vacation, and really don't want a party, all colossal wastes of money in my book, but hey, whatever floats your boat when you turn 60.

If you want to pop balloons and invite friends over, more power to you. For me, all I wanted was a bike.

Hey you ask, why get a custom bike?? Well, I am taller than the bikes made for women and of course not long enough in the upper body, arms, hands etc as well to fit on a man's bike.

So for really tall or really short people, sometimes custom is the only way to go.

I am gonna pick the colors etc when I am up at Spectrum. So far thinking of bright red with some blue and white trim and some titanium left exposed.

Wish me luck.


Palm Beach Bike tours said...

I'll echo the value of a good fit. Mine didn't take three hours initially, but I'd say my fitter had three hours into it if you add the pre-order sizing fit and the post-order tweaking.

It was neat to see how my pedaling smoothed out the closer we came to a perfect fit.

Here's my experience before ordering the bike and when I went to pick it up.

Libby Maxim said...

next time at Racers Edge, tell them Frey (Free) says Hi and that his mom just got her fitting at Spectrum, Frey loved that shop, he does not live down anymore, he moved back north