Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 miles and counting

Libby on January 1,2010

As you know I have set the goal of 5000 miles for this calendar year. That means on average I have ride about 100 miles per week.

Now in January and February this might not happen. So I will have to make it up in the warmer weather. I hope to do about four 25 mile rides during the week and then do a long ride on the weekend.

Look for 50 mile rides being posted by me for almost every weekend once the weather warms. These long rides will either be on Saturday or Sunday morning and I will be leaving early. Maybe as early as 7 am.

I am heading out today, 22 miles. I have several cues that are between 22-25 miles. Today is my Westtown cue. I do the Cannery cue and I do a ride out to Eagleview as well. So I try to go in a different direction each time.

Anyone is welcome to JOIN ME. During the summer I will be posting Tues and Thursday evening rides taking off at 5 pm so that we can do at least 25 miles.

The rest of my weekday rides will be early morning, around 9 am.

Will start posting these as well once the weather warms.

SEE YOU on the bike!!!

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