Saturday, January 30, 2010

losing weight by not trying

Hunky (eastern european slang term of which I am) FOOD, some call this stuffed cabbage, in my world we call it "hapulchi"

I have heard from a few folks asking me if I have lost weight. I DO NOT own a scale nor do I want to buy one. I never weigh myself. ALL I am doing differently is not thinking about it.

I eat 3 large meals a day, and with my son home, we cook up a storm. We make everything from scratch. We buy nothing in a box except chicken broth. We do buy lots of frozen fruits though to add to drinks or hot cereal.

We eat so much fruit and veggies that I had to resort to buying many of them from Sam's Club. Large bags of oranges for 7.50, large bags of apples, large boxes of kiwis and huge pineapples. We buy the organic spinach there too as it is half of what it is in the food store. My son eats a large bowl of cottage cheese spiked with nuts, wheat germ and tons of thawed out frozen cherries each day. Sam's sells large containers of cottage cheese for a fraction of what the food store does. We also started using regular bars etc for our bike snacks and we get these at Sam's. Much of my food is laying on the floor in the dining room and my kitchen is not large enough to store it all. I need two iceboxes and 2 kitchens, none of which I am ever going to have.

I use the Ellie Krieger Healthy Living Cook book for some recipes. Some are Rachel Ray and some are off of the Net and some are just plain food, baked chicken, salads etc.

We spend a small fortune on food. For those of you who have never seen a 20 something large man (who exercises a lot) eat, you have NO CLUE as to how much food gets eaten and bought in a week. Men who are over 6'5" eat like no one else on the planet.

Tonight I am making a pork chop dinner with apples, cabbage and carrots and onions, all cooked together in one pan. Again, tons of veggies. I will also make a large fruit salad. Oranges, bananas, apples, kiwi, pineapple and mango and grapes.

You would be surprised if you cut up the fruit into small pieces, you can really stretch your fruit budget.

Eating well requires TONS of cooking. But like biking, the more you do, the faster you get. Since I have been cooking for 3 large men for the last 30 yrs, I have become as good as a short order cook. I can make 3 meals at once and actually did that last week. Then we ate leftovers for 3 days, so that makes it worthwhile.

So we eat a lot of food. NOT eating to lose weight is surely the key to gaining it all back in a short amount of time.

I am convinced you have to learn how to eat a lot of good food and lose weight at the same time in order to keep it off for a lifetime.

I hope to lose more weight but DO NOT plan on doing it in some time frame, if it takes years, it takes years.

If starving oneself was working, Oprah would not be so fat. That woman has no idea how to eat.

So my theory, and my son has been telling me this for years, START eating and lose weight.

Just keep biking and exercising with all the eating. He has told me, the one sure fire way to derail a good exercise plan is to skimp on food.

He keeps telling me to eat MORE. So if you are starving yourself and not eating, you are doomed to failure, trust me, I have been there.

If you have lost weight due to not eating, it will not last. It will come back. Again, been there, done that.

If you take meds or have a medical condition that causes you to gain weight, I dont care, all you have to do is start eating well and exercising.

Well, I am heading to the health club, 40 minutes on the step machine, some pool time and then home for a huge lunch. Making homemade chicken fingers, homemade blue cheese dressing and a large salad. Now that is a meal.

By the way, stuffed cabbage last only a few days, we eat it with kielbasi, the eastern Eurpoeans know how to use cabbage, stuffed sausage and potatoes, their mainstays!! They were poor.

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