Thursday, November 19, 2009

would recess be such a bad idea in middle school

All we hear about is fat kids, unfit kids, poor diets in kids and too much Nintendo time contributing to these problems. Today I read in the Philly Inquirer about a family requesting their son to have gym each day after lunch. The boy has diabetes and after lunch, his sugar levels improve if he exercises.

When in grade school, he had recess right after lunch and was able to run around and get exercise. But now in middle school, kids are stuck inside all day long. The classes he would miss are test prep for the state exams and music.

The case is being taken to arbitration. Is this where we are now in education?? Where to get outside or to move around in school, you must get a lawyer.

As I have said before, when I was in school we either walked or biked. In grade school, we went home for lunch and again, biked each way.

Now today, we have legislated out any activity for kids other than the structured gym or the many organized sports parents drag their kids to after school.

We have created communities where biking or walking to school is impossible. Kids get picked up from school in cars, then get driven to organized soccer or football or whatever sport is being offered.

I have many kids in my neighborhood and I rarely see them outside. What the heck are these kids doing? The bike is the perfect exercise tool for children. But today, in order to have your kids biking for fun, you are going to have to bike with them. Since our streets and neighborhoods are so bike unfriendly, it does require a parent to participate with the child.

This is probably not going to happen. Kids today have little chance to get spontaneous exercise.

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