Friday, November 13, 2009

Buying a new bike, tips for newbies

Had a comment below on my post of "common mistakes" requesting what to do when buying a bike.

I guess this is much harder, as it does require the buyer to do some homework.

1. Get educated, most ladies do not want to bother with this but it pays in big dividends if you do, a good place to start is on the Terry Bicycles Website. This video is a start. Also go to the Terry site and view ALL the videos.

2. Ask someone you know who bikes a lot and KNOWS bikes to go with you when you shop for a bike.

3. The price of a bike is determined by several things: frame, components, pedals, saddle and shoes. These can vary greatly in price and what you choose will depend on your budget. Knowing a lot about components takes lots of research and lots of visits to many different bike stores.

4. Beware of glitzy bikes with cheap components. Beware of bikes in the front of the store with a sale sign, while this may be a good bike, buyer has to be cautious.

5. Getting a good fit is also one of the hardest things for women to do. You must feel comfortable on the bike, you MUST not be stretching for the handlebars. I have seen plenty of women on poorly fitting bikes. They are stretching so far for the handlebars that they end up with sore backs. WATCH the Terry videos on bike fit. DO a search on You Tube for instructional bike videos and watch many as each specialist has her/his own feel about what makes a good bike and what makes a good fit.

6. DEMAND a knowledgeable salesperson. Make sure to tell the salesperson that you are a serious rider and want a serious bike.

After making your purchase, you are still not done, you will need shoes, shorts and bike tops and of course a helmet. Bike gloves are necessary as well as 2 water bottle cages and bottles.

YOU NEXT important thing to do is attend one of the Biker Chicks clinics that teaches bike maintenance and repair. You must carry tire changing equipment on your bike.

LOOK for a newbie clinic next spring. Do some homework over the winter and you will be ready to buy a bike in the spring.

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