Friday, November 20, 2009

update-6th grader gets gym- yippee

the diabetic 6th grader was awarded gym every day, seems the district found some way through the 504 provision to approve gym everyday for the boy,

great news for the kid, bad news for the other 6th graders who are stuck in reading test prep and music

the better news would be some enlightened educator might decide that gym every day for middle schoolers would be the best solution

most middle school are war zones, kids dont want to be there, teachers get angry daily and we have multiple discipline problems

i think some running around might be just what the middle school wasteland could use

this whole story though to me is a great summary of all that is wrong with public education, kid says i feel good when i exercise, school says, too bad, if we give you gym, then the other kids will want gym every day


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