Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apple Pie a la mode- modified

Thanksgiving is coming and I hear many talking about all the pies that they are going to make. Why not try to streamline the desserts this year?

I highly recommend the Pumpkin Bars posted a few posts down. Zap the bars in the microwave after freezing them and you would think you are eating pumpkin pie. Serve with some whipped cream or frozen yogurt or just plain. These are yummy. Another good choice is the apple pie posted below.

Apple Pie

using a Crock pot and cooking for 6 hrs on low

wash and core 4 small apples -preferably from a local orchard

chop 1/4 walnuts and mix with 1/4 cup raisins

stuff each apple with the nut/raisin mixture, place in crock pot

drizzle some honey over each apple

add some apple cider to bottom of crock pot or if not apple cider, use orange juice

once cooked, eat these yummy apples with either milk, cottage cheese or low fat icecream

tastes just like apple pie without the fat

Get your kids to help make them and serve them for dessert any night of the week

Suggest putting them in a nice bowl, cut them up and serve with a spoon, pour some of the apple cider from crock pot over them as well


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