Wednesday, November 25, 2009

that had better be God on the other end

To all reading this blog, please please do me a favor, STOP driving, biking or walking with your cell phone attached to your ear.

Today I watched a lady talking on her cell while walking, well she was so engrossed she walked right off the curb into an oncoming car. The car was an emergency vehicle (not on an ER call) and I think he anticipated the stupidity of this lady.

He laid on his horn so hard the lady fell over, still attached to her phone, she gets up and keeps going, still attached to the damn phone.

This lady was walking while talking on her phone and still could not concentrate enough on that simple skill. Can you imagine how IMPAIRED you are if driving or biking and talking on a cell phone? Yes I have seen cyclists talking on the cell.

So unless God has called you while you are driving or walking or biking, put down that phone before YOU KILL me and anyone else in your path.

Who are you talking to any how?? who is so important that you are willing to risk the lives of yourself, your kids if in the car and the other folks who cross your path?

DO me a favor and GET OFF OF THE ROAD. I cannot think of anyone on the phone other than GOD that would warrant you answering the stupid phone.

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