Friday, November 13, 2009

60 comments on Bike Chic and still counting

This has to be some kind of record for comments on a blog post, holy cow! glad to see all the posts and glad to hear all the different points of view, where I live, I have to bike 20-40 miles on roads just to get anywhere, so fashion is not an option for me, plus I can only afford one bike, and that is my road bike, do not have an assortment of bikes for different terrains.

Wish i could and wish I could bike in a city like Copenhagen, I cannot even imagine it. Living in a city as beautiful as Copenhagen, well I hope you natives wake up each morning and count your blessings. I have never traveled except in a few places in USA, I have biked in FL and CA as well, both sons lived in those areas, that was fun, CA is all about the sport of biking, FL as well, racing bicyclists every where on high tech bikes with high tech gear

The bike in those states is strictly for sport and exercise, triathlons being the rage in both states. Aerobars are popular and large groups of racing folks take over the streets.

Pennsylvania, where I live, is rather hostile to cyclists on the roads. Not so bad around the large cities, Phila and Pittsburgh, but forget biking in spandex in northern PA, better cover up in a plaid shirt, ya might be safer.

Bike chic seems to be for those who live in cities with support for biking. Flat terrain and easy access to nice roads. Many cities in northern USA are hilly and have brick roads and roads filled with potholes as well.

So chic is not for me. Right now I am biking in gloves, shoe covers, tights and Windstopper jackets. But for you chicks lucky enough to live and work in a city that loves the bike, enjoy yourselves. Many of us will never have that opportunity and many of us will never see the scenic cities of Europe and Sweden.

Some day in my dreams I will bike in Copenhagen.

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Mark said...


I think you're right, 60 comments IS pretty huge. Just goes to show the power of the blog network I guess, and strength of opinion. But discourse is a good thing.

I'm just glad you ride a bike!
Whilst I'm a fan of 'mainstreaming' cycling (here in the UK it's been seen as the domain of ONLY sports people for too long now), there's nothing wrong with sports cycling per se. All bikes are good bikes and whatever floats someone's boat is good for them.

Lastly, with tongue very firmly in cheek, I think you'll like this Youtube vid of ladies cycling 1899 fashion!

Keep up the cycling and the blogging - we are strong in numbers and glorious in our diversity.