Tuesday, November 24, 2009

passed the 2000 mile mark and next season's plans

Even though I was out for sometime with knee surgery last winter, I did manage to bike so far for this year, 2100 miles. Recommend Bike Journal to track your miles.

These are all Chester County miles and done mostly with the Chicks. So if you have not done this many miles, you have missed ample opps to do so. I am the 3rd highest ride poster in the West Chester Cycling Club.

Next year I am hoping to double those miles if the winter is not too brutal. First local area sponsored rides will be the Chester County Cancer Ride and Pedal to Preserve. Both are 50 miles and both are quite nice. The CCCR is challenging but doable, remember, if I can do it, anyone can. This ride takes place at the end of May and starts right at the Cancer Center on Marshall Street. Pedal to Preserve is the first Saturday in June and is one nice FLAT ride. Both rides tend to be small, so they are not over crowded and are close to home.

So if your bike needs repairs and upgrades, now is the time to do it. I recently needed a new bottom bracket for my bike. I went to the West Chester Bike Line. I know many folks bad mouth Bike Line, but the fellows at this Bike Line have been there for a long time. The mechanic is top notch. They fix your bike promptly. They are friendly. I highly recommend this shop.

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