Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabulous ride today and Nov. 21 Saturday morning ride

For those that did not ride today, you missed one fine day for riding. We were all in shorts and bike tops. Just like summer. Ride for next Saturday if weather holds:

CUE # 42, this cue goes down to Kennett again but is longer, about 40 miles. This ride will leave Hot Foot at 930 am. Pace will be around 12.5.

Possible rest stops, are Wawa in Kennett or McDonalds. The cue continues south of Kennett, crosses rt 52 in Delaware and comes back on Fairville and rt 100.

Depending on the group, I am up for stopping at Hanks for a meal. If no one is interested, we will continue home up rt 100 (S. Creek). Will find out where bikes are safe to park at Hanks.

Bring plenty of drinks and food, do not depend on rest stops for food.


Erica said...

Hi Libby! thanks for a great ride today. Due to the small amount of confusion at Locust St we were able to do your favorite bridge 3 times today - biker chick record. Next week I'm voting for the stop at Hanks. See you soon.

Libby Maxim said...


soooooo funny, yes we did my bridge 3x, again, funny, thanks for the laugh, libby