Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seagull Century update

Ellen and I are registered for the ride plus a dinner Friday night. I booked a Hampton Inn in Seaford for $125 per night with AAA discount. Hotels in Salisbury required a two night stay at a much higher fee.

So we are about 20 miles north of Salisbury. Better than driving from West Chester!

Looking for ladies to join us, not necessary to ride the Century, can do a shorter ride. Ride offers a metric century of 62 miles.

Now there is no guarantee Ellen and I will make 100 miles, but that is our goal. I guess if we run into trouble, SAG can pick us up.

Plus this is a flat ride, can have head winds or bad weather. If it gets too bad, we can abort if needed. Ride costs $55. If worse comes to worse, we lose that.


Eileen said...

Hi Libby - Ron and Eileen Fresta have also signed up for this ride.

Libby Maxim said...

great news, ellen and I are pumped and in "training"