Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art Museum Ride and Rides for this week

NO CHICKS showed up, too bad, Alan and I had one fabo time. Alan rides with the B group so he and I were moving. The ride ended up being 51 miles, more than I thought.

We did the 51 miles in under 4hrs and had to race home when we saw the huge thunder clouds over northern Chester County.

Biking through Manyunk was sooooo much fun, tons of bikers everywhere, old, young, and in shape and out of shape, but they were all out having fun.

Rides for this week:

July 30 9:30 am at Shaws Bridge, 25 miles

July 31 5:30 pm at Hot Foot Lot, 20 miles, going out to Downingtown, make sure to have a back blinkie light, we go through a tunnel

Aug 2 8:40 am Hot Foot Lot

have not yet picked the cue for this ride, check back later

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