Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New things happening


Rode today with Ellen and Sara, Sara is just back from the ride across Iowa and she said she had a blast. Ellen mentioned the Seagull Century instead of the Lake Nockamixon one in August.

I am now officially changing from the Lake Nock ride to the Seagull Century. Between getting sick and my son having to return to Florida, I need to make changes.

Here is the link to the Seagull Century,

for details. Apparently fellow WCCCer's go this century. Now this century requires an overnight. But when I looked on the map, I discovered that this Century covers all the area where my mother was actually born and raised. This is the lower portion of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

So October 4, 2008 is the date, Ellen wants to go and I am hoping some other chicks will want to go as well.

There are many rides options besides the century. Come try, all we can do is not make 100 miles, but better to try and fail than to not try.

Rides for next week, Aug 3-9

August 3, OOPS, just found out the She Rox Triathlon is on Aug 3, will just go to Manyunk and back
so I will be riding the Schuylkill River Trail again but not all the way to Phila, meet at 7:45 am at Betzwood, email me for details and driving instructions and email me IF you are going, please!!
It is 35-40 miles round trip but you can turn around at any point and head back. Lots of fun. Manyunk is lots of fun. We can get breakfast in Manyunk.

August 6 - Wednesday morning, 930 am, meet at Northbrook Orchard Store, we are doing the Dog Daze ride to test the course. 25 miles, finish at Northbrook, stay and eat lunch or ice cream.
Ellen runs the Dog Daze and wants to ride the course as she does not get a chance on the day of the ride.

August 9 Dog Daze Ride, sponsored by the Brandywine Bicyle Club, 730am at Brandywine Valley Nature Center on RT 842. This is a very fun ride and lots and lots of WCCC folks come out for it.

I plan on riding the 50 miles but there is a 25 mile ride, 77 mile ride and 100 mile ride.

SO come on out, look for me near the sign up table. I get there early to get a close parking spot.


IS BACK ON, August 24, 10:30 am, leave Hot Foot lot in WC boro, pick up riders at Shaws Bridge at 11:00. Bring cash as the ice cream store is cash only. May be a long line at ice cream shop, so be prepared time wise.

More details later, mark your calendar.

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