Saturday, July 12, 2008

P-standingup for chicks only

Was biking today with men and women on our Dog Daze ride and marveled at how easy men have it when biking, find a tree and Voila'! Got on the Net and found this handy device for women. For chicks, this has to be a great invention when squatting is just not possible.

Pee like a man and enjoy some freedom when outdoors.

Press Release from

May 8, 2007 Minneapolis, MN - Grizzly Creek Enterprises today announced that it will expand into a new venture, featuring a disposable paper device named P-Mate - designed to allow women to urinate standing up. This is a new division of Grizzly Creek, and will be named P-Standing Up. The product is presently showcased on the world wide web at

"We’ve found a revolutionary product; one that is quite well known in Europe, and I believe this will be just as popular with American women," said Jamie Holland, spokesperson and vice president for domestic sales. "This is a small, pocket sized and disposable device that allows women the freedom to enjoy all of the outdoor activities they always have, but without the restriction and complication of needing nearby sanitary bathroom facilities. "The days of struggling to find a sanitary place to urinate at festivals, while camping, hiking, boating, or other outdoor events are over,” she said. “With the P-Mate, you simply find an appropriate location and experience complete hygienic freedom as men have always done...pee standing up!”

Ride Report

Had 3 chicks out and 3 men out for our ride. Tina and Libby and Frey and Ed did 43 miles today and came into town at above 12 mph. So we smoked the ride. We picked up Richard and Connie at Northbrook Orchards and they continued on with us.

Northbrook is very nice now, lots of drinks and fresh fruit and clean bathrooms.

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