Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday and Sunday ride


Doing a ride Saturday morning, 8:40 am from Hot Foot, cue # 4 - 30 miles, easy ride, few hills and an easy pace.

Sunday morning ride, 9:00 am leaving from Betzwood Bridge , Trooper Exit on Rt 422, doing the Schuylkill River Trail, plan on biking to the Art Museum and back. Trip will be around 40 miles, I think.

It is a great ride when you go all the way into Philadelphia and tons of fun.

It is all flat and an easy ride, in Manyunk, I will not be doing the tow path but biking right through Manyunk. Stopping somewhere on the way home in Manyunk can be a possibility if folks want to do that.

Bring money for a snack or lunch type snack.

Sunday ride should be easy and a good ride for those reluctant to bike on roads and hills in Chester County.

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