Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bicycle Safety Video

Had a great ride Tuesday evening. Lots of chicks and a good pace. Chicks are definitely improving. Charlene U is doing one fine job while riding a heavy bike. Got some bad news from Elaine P.

She finally put her cleat pedals on and took a bad fall while practicing and has broken her elbow. She is out for 3-4 weeks and is very bummed out.

Below is a nice safety video I found on U tube. Take some time and view it as it is very informative on how to ride on the roads and not get hit by a car.

I take out lots of ladies and feel compelled to remind you about the safety issues on the road. If riding on the Tues and Thurs evening rides, you MUST get a front white light and a back red light. Take some time this week and go buy one. HotFootCycles has some nice rear view mirrors that attach to your glasses. BUY ONE and learn how to use it.

See you out on the roads, BE SAFE!

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