Sunday, July 6, 2008

One humdinger of a weekend for cycling


The West Chester Criterium was beyond fun and exciting. Town was packed and everyone was having the best time ever. Working the race was so much fun. Tina and Alison were at our corner for the second shift and Alison's little son really got into the crossing guard job we all had.

He was such a huge help and just the cutest thing ever.

Today I lead the Society of Friends Tour with 7 riders. Two of the riders were out of towners. They found the Crit on the Net and found the Community Rides as well. They loved everything about West Chester. Such fun to meet soooooo many nice folks. Eileen H came out for her first ride. She was awesome. Such a tiny thing and cute as she could be in her Iron Hill outfit. I did not know they made clothes that small!!

She plowed right up all the hills, and was learning how to shift for the first time. What a Chick!

So nice to see a new lady out. She had a great bike and managed the 22 miles we did today. We visited all the Quaker schools and meeting houses that were on our route.

Check out the slideshow for pics of the weekend events.

Look for a Tues and Thursday evening ride, 530 at HotFoot

and Saturday will be the cue from last week.

Cue # 126 with TWO OPTIONS

1st option: leave from Hot Foot at 8:40 am and head to Northbrook Orchard store, on rt 842 past the Nature center.

2nd option: Pick up additional riders at the store at 9 am and do the Dog Daze ride which is about 24 miles starting at Northbrook Orchard store, (which is now re-open)

and you can park your car at the store and if open, there are restrooms and food.

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