Friday, July 11, 2008

Bug in the Ear Ride

OK, this is what it felt like, I got a bug in my ear and just about panicked. Luckily my son was with us and he remained calm. We flooded the ear and seemed to murder the little bugger.

I continued on the ride thanks to the clear thinking action of my son.

We then all witnessed a near miss accident when a car passed us in the left lane and stayed out there causing oncoming traffic to brake hard and squeal their tires. I had visions of the Chicks getting hit by these cars.

Again, my son told us to keep biking and not to stop which I was inclined to do.

Nonetheless, we all made it home. Charlene continues to amaze me. Charlene is the mother of the two young chicks who recently joined us on the rides. Charlene is on a cross bike and last night put on her cleat shoes and rode the entire ride with not one fall.

This lady is amazing. She keeps up with us and did 22 miles last night with the large climb up S New Street as well.

Now this is a chick!

Come on out this Saturday and have some fun.

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