Sunday, February 1, 2009

Attention Chicks and Future Chicks

Upcoming Events for Chicks for March and April of 2009

1. Bike Clinic, meet and greet dinner party and lots of information on bikes, how to buy, size and fit and how to maintain your bike
, tentative date is March 29 3-7pm. Hope to have 2 WCCC guys to run the clinic and a guest speaker on bike fit. If you do not know how to buy a bike or how to change a tire or what to carry on bike to be safe, this clinic is FOR YOU!!!!

YOU MUST RSVP for this event. EMAIL me.

You can do just the clinic, or just the dinner or BOTH.

2. First ride of the season, April 4, Saturday, 9:30 am, we will either do the Schyulkill River Trail(SRT) or a short route in West Chester. And of course it is weather dependent.

3. Bike often and come out and do as many rides as possible. This year Biker Chicks is going to have a goal and that is to improve. If you are interested in riding, YOU CANNOT show up once a month and expect to be able to keep up with chicks who ride often. You must make plans to get a ROAD BIKE, or you will struggle on the hills in Chester County.

4. If there are women who want to ride hybrid bikes and bike slower, hopefully someone will come forward and be willing to lead these rides. If our group was large enough I could offer 2 different levels of rides.

5. Lots of area rides to look forward to:

a. French Creek Iron Tour - June
b. Dog Daze in August
c. Lancaster Covered Bridge in Aug

I would like to take large groups of Chicks to some of these rides. The ones above are the best in the area and not too far from home. I did all 3 of these rides last year and they were all FABO.

6. Saturday Club rides, every Saturday morning at 8:40 am leaving from the HotFoot Cyles Parking lot, we will start slow but work up during the season. If you never ride all summer and show up in August, expect brisk rides as the Chicks will have been riding and getting better. We cannot offer slow rides in late August unless someone is willing to step up and lead a second group. Hint, hint!!!!

7. Learn how to find places using Google Maps, please, do not email me for directions to places, learn how to use the WCCC webpage to check rides and learn how to check the blog for upcoming information.
I will publish information on the WCCC ride page and the blog. SO CHECK THEM!

The CALENDAR on the upper right corner of the blog will be kept up-to-date. Learn how to use it, all directions are on the actual calendar, just click and follow links. This is not hard stuff.

DO not call me and ask about rides. I rarely remember to check messages on my phone. Best to get me by email.

8. COME to the clinic, meet chicks and learn about bikes. Learn about how to ride on the road, how to signal others when riding in groups, and what you need to ride SAFE.

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