Monday, February 16, 2009

Now this email made my day

from a Biker Chick, this email made my day, now this is Enthusiasm with a capital E, yes a good new bike will make a huge difference, I upgraded my wheels last Fall and I noticed a huge difference. Remember Chicks, NOW is the time to get ready and bike. We will be starting slow and easy, so start now, don't wait till July when we have all been riding a lot. You will struggle to keep up.

Read the Biker Chick email below:

I am so excited, i bought a new bike over the weekend
Specialized Dolce Elite. It has upgraded components vs
the Dolce, and I think will be HUGE improvement over my
"Loaner bike"
I am excited hed to ride a lot this season, with a goal of doing
a 100-mile ride by fall
thanks for all the info on the Blog.!@


frey maxim said...

Thats really cool. Keep it up!

Libby Maxim said...

is it cool Frey, getting a lady into cycling, makes me feel good,

cannot wait for the season