Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chicks Chicks Chicks Everywhere

OK, so we do not look like the chicks above,
I can dream, no harm in that, right !!!!!!

I said the clinic was closed but added two more ladies, this response is UNBELIEVABLE.

This kind of interest tells me there is a market for biking for ladies that has not been met by most bike clubs. Either the club focuses on mostly men who are better than the average rider and the the rides are fast and hard. If women form a club, it is usually for the same purpose. Ride fast and ride hard.

Biker Chicks of West Chester Cycling is for women who want to bike and are scared to death to bike on the roads. They are scared to death to wear spandex and scared to death that they will fall over and look foolish.

Now I am old, fat and have fallen at least 30 times and looked about as foolish as can be. I wear spandex and I love it. So if the above reasons are holding you back, just look to me for inspiration.

Got 22 ladies now for the clinic, now my job is to get you ladies on wheels on the roads.

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