Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two special events planned

August 24, Sunday, Ice Cream Cone ride and or lunch at Northbrook Orchard Store. We will be doing the 50 mile ride of the Dog Daze. Leaving at 8:00 am from NB. Have your back up plan (BUP) in place in case you cannot make the entire ride or if you run into mechanical trouble. This ride goes out around Coatesville and close to Parksburg. Will get a map and cue up later in the week so check back.

September 7 Sunday, last day chance to do this ride, Schuylkill River Trail ride to include lunch in Manyunk, leaving at 7:30 am. This ride will be very social and easy, we will determine the length of the ride by who shows up. Meet at the Betzwood Bridge entrance to the trail (exit off Rt 422 west at Trooper and go left off of exit, follow road to the parking lot, you can see the river too). We will either go only to Manyunk or go the entire route around the Art Museum but again, this will be determined by the group that shows up.

THIS will be the last SRT ride, all through September and October there are events on Saturday and Sunday on the West River Drives so they will be closed to bikers. Manyunk will also be crowded. So please come, your last time for one fine ride, the views of the city are spectacular when biking on W River Drive. Boat House Row is soooo pretty.



Now Ellen and I did the SRT this morning. We left at 7:30 am and were back by 11:30 and we did 55 miles at 14.9 mph, we were racing to beat the storms which got bad. We biked about 3 miles in a light rain but got poured on once we got into our car. Rt 202 was a nightmare driving home.

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