Thursday, August 21, 2008

Directions to rides


Biker Chick rides usually take off from Hot Foot Cycle lot in WC boro at intersection of Hannun Avenue and W Gay Street or Shaws Bridge Park or Betzwood Bridge for the River Bike Trail, at exit Trooper Road off of RT 422 west

Photo below is a 360 rotating pic of the intersection where Shaws Bridge is located.

If you are unfamiliar with these start points, get onto GOOGLEmaps and study the map

BEFORE heading out in your car. And print up the maps so you have some reference where you are on the roads while looking for a start place.

I cannot be responsible for supplying you with directions from your house to these spots.

If you want to bike in Chester County it is not a bad idea to study a map before heading out. Get familiar with the roads in Chester County and their names and locations. You should know rt 842, rt 162, rt 322, rt 100 etc. You need some frame of reference in case of emergencies.

Anything can happen on a ride, you can get separated from me or one of us may have an accident or anything. You have to be able to tell someone where you are when you call for help.

I am a stickler on safety and to me safety on a bike ride means KNOWING where you are.

Always have your back up plan ready, someone you can call who can come get you in an emergency.

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