Monday, August 11, 2008

Funny post, stole it off of my son's blog

Three Quick Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Performance

Here is a list of common questions I get from athletes. The questions tend to fall into three categories, so I will show a sample question from each category. The answer to each question is a quick tip for you!

1) Frey, I just don't have enough time to ride during the week. I work late... what do you recommend?

Get a new job.

2) Frey, I have been training hard, but I can't lose weight. How can I drop the pounds?

Stop eating so damn much.

3) My husband/wife complains to me all the time that I spend more time training than I do with him/her. How can I continue to train while keeping him/her happy?

Get a new him/her.

There you have it! Follow these three tips, and your performance will go through the roof!


frey maxim said...

Hey libs... With all the chicks you have riding these days, I have no doubt your blog is bringing in more traffic than mine. So, thanks for the free publicity!

I thought of another one after I posted this article:

"Frey, six hour training rides? What should I think about for that long?"


Libby Maxim said...

oh that is funny Frey

love it