Saturday, August 9, 2008

Personal Best


Today I did the 50 mile ride with Dog Daze. I did this ride at my personal best time, 12.7 overall and we climbed some hills. I have done nothing spectacular this summer EXCEPT to bike.

I have biked slow rides and I have biked fast rides, but the main point is that I am biking.

I am not young nor thin nor anything different from you all. What differs me from you if you are not biking is the sheer fact that I am biking.

I noticed on the 50 mile that there were few women. Lots of men out there. No wonder they get good, they bike.

Ellen and I are doing the Schuylkill River Trail tomorrow, leaving at 7:30, from Oaks. This is a large parking lot so we should be easy to spot.

We will go all the way around the Art Museum and back. Come have some fun.

Rides for next week will be up later. Check back.


Elaine said...

Way to go Lib! You continue to amaze me. 13 mph on a hilly ride is FANTASTIC! I not sure I can keep up with you these days.

Libby Maxim said...

hey elaine

i am biking like a crazy women, as i said, the more you bike, the better you get, no secret formula