Friday, August 22, 2008

Ice cream cone ride cancelled


I did not hear from any of you about the Ice Cream Cone ride and I am cancelling it. Saturday's ride is still on, leaving Hot Foot at 8:40 am, 30 miles

I signed up for the Brandywine Tour Ride for next Sunday.Information on this ride is in posts below.

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frey maxim said...

Libs -

I love what you did here, this is an absolutely brilliant training move!

Here's what I mean. I see so many triathletes down here in FL who get themselves mentally rooted in their training programs. If it says do a 30 mile ride on Friday, then, damnit, they're doing a 30 mile ride. Despite the fact that they were up all night with their newborn and the fact that they didn't get off work until 8pm and the fact that they haven't eaten since lunch... if that training program says 30 miles, then I better listen to it!

What I am saying is that I love how you're willing to be flexible with your biking! It's the smart move. Being changeable and fun-loving will only make you better than those riders out there beating themselves unmercifully into the ground.