Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ice Cream Cone ride


Ladies, been thinking about the Ice Cream Cone Ride. It is scheduled for August 24. I had decided to do the Dog Daze 50 mile ride but on second thought, there are no places on this route to go to the bathroom nor get drinks.

So we will AGAIN do the original ride. This ride is about 40 miles from Shaws Bridge Park. There are plenty of places on this ride to stop and use bathrooms and get drinks. Plus the ice cream store is halfway. We pass lots of places like McDonalds and such in Kennett Square.

SO for the LAST time, we will leave Shaws Bridge Park at 10:30 am. This route will be approx 40 miles or so give or take. Have not actually biked it. Will try to drive the course prior to taking you chicks on it.

Frank D may also ride with us. Bring cash for the ice cream store, no credit cards.

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