Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saved by a big screw (tee hee)


Before I get to the Covered Metric, I had a stroke of good luck or I should say good planning. I recently put on new cleats and for some reason the right cleat had worked loose. I pulled over and saw that I had lost a screw and washer. Tightened the two screws I had and continued to the rest stop. BUT,I had recently put my old screws and washers in my bike bag and I had a flat head screwdriver as well. PRESTO!!

I fixed my wounded cleat. Chick I was biking with could not believe I had the screw and washer and the right tool. Biker Chicks RULE!!

Back to ride, I have one word to describe it.

FABULOUS, beyond any ride I have been on. I did 63 miles with a new lady, Becky Dinius. What a great ride partner to do the ride with. She had more bike road time than me so I had to kick it up a notch. So we managed to ride at 14.0 mph, my personal best for the road. The course had some hills and we hit a hefty head wind which was tiring but all my road miles came back in spades and I did very well.

Now Becky is what I would call a chick, me, I am more like an old stewing hen!!

But we finished in about 5 hrs including our rest stops and whatnot. But the scenery and the Amish buggies and kids, truly a great great ride.


Elaine said...

Hi Libby - Congrats on your personal best! I also went to the covered bridge ride, but did not see you. I met a friend, Jim, at the ride. He is a better rider than me and pushed me to my personal best, 14.4 mph. I planned to do 31 miles, but Jim said peer pressure made him choose the metric at the split. He said, “Only kids on Spiderman bikes do the half”, everyone else went right to the metric century. Sorry I missed you.

Libby Maxim said...

holy moly Elaine

way to go girl

so proud of you coming back so strong after your broken elbow