Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wondering about bike clubs

Who are the members of Bike Clubs?? Mostly A and B riders and men??an even mix of A,B, C and D riders?? club officers... do they come from the A and B groups or do clubs pull from each ride category?? do women join the bike clubs??

Why, what and why not??Post comments as to the makeup of your bike club. My own experience is limited. My club seems to have a huge amount of the A and B riders, with many many rides posted each week for these groups.

I have been trying for 3 years to expand the C and D groups and have had little luck. Yes, some new folks have taken up the sport but our numbers are very small compared to the rest of the club.

A fellow posted to my bike club's email list asking about an inexpensive entry level bike for his wife. I wonder what kind of bike the husband rides and did he buy an inexpensive entry level bike for himself?

Maybe he did, who knows??

How does your bike club stack up?? What are you doing to get new members in the C and D groups??

Do you even care if the slower riders are part of your club?? Looking for suggestions on how to get ladies riding and joining bike clubs.

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