Tuesday, December 8, 2009

why bike in cold weather, no I am not an idiot!

Went out today, it was 37 degrees but NO wind, surprisingly it was very nice out there. We did 22 miles but could have done more as we were not cold. To know what to wear in cold weather takes practice. It is easy to overdress as well as underdress.

The more you go out and if you make note of the temps and the wind speed, the better able you are to dress right.

I know I have spoken about the Gore Windstopper jackets, these are INVALUABLE for winter biking. These jackets can make you warm in cold weather. They hold in the body heat and keep out the wind. Today I just had my jacket and bike jersey. Now I am cold tolerant but the Windstopper is just such a great bike item for winter biking. I bought one for me and one for my son and found them on the Net at great prices but look early fall or late spring for the best buys.

I also have recommended getting foot and toe warmers, buy a decent brand. I did splurge on the UnderArmour gloves I found at Sports Authority and they have proven well worth the $25 price tag.

But so far this winter, 37 and no wind is very doable and actually makes for a pleasant ride if winter-geared up right.

Plus biking in cold weather makes you feel so good, you feel strong and powerful when on the roads and it is cold. You pass a few other hardy souls on bikes and you always get a wave. Not so true in warm weather.

It is exhilarating and fun and adds another dimension to your biking. Since it requires good winter gear, start this year and buy some of it. Then next fall look for your Gore Windstopper and be ready to bike in the winter.

Goal this winter is too see how low we can go. Most likely will hit the wall if below 30 but we shall see.

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Elaine said...

I'm off on Friday. Let me know if you are riding.