Thursday, December 17, 2009

when biking is a habit

start em young

1. when 30 degrees starts to look warm

2. when all your bookmarks are cycling sites

3. when your Christmas list is all bike gear

4. when you start selling old stuff on ebay to buy new bike stuff

5. when you get done with a ride in sub freezing temps and feel warm

6. when you plan your day around your ride

7. when it takes 15 minutes to dress for your ride and you don't care

8. when you consider selling your gold jewelery to buy more bike gear

9. when the first website you check in the morning is the local weather

10. when wind speeds of 15-20 mph do not look so bad and you plan your ride to bike into the wind and come home with wind at your back

11. when you spend your free time making new cues

12. when you smear Vasoline on your face to protect it from the cold and don't feel foolish

and the list goes on........

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