Thursday, December 24, 2009

our government run amuck

Yippee, our Congress passed a huge porkulous bill masquerading as a Health Care Bill. The wheeling and dealing only points to how corrupt and useless our government has become. The few insurance laws I have heard about sound good but what is costing $871 BILLION dollars?? Are those funds helping poor folks get insurance??

Somehow I doubt that. Seems our legislators work only for power. How to stay in Congress, collect their huge salaries, lobbying gifts and great great benefits. All of this paid for by you and me.

It does not matter the party affiliation, our government has ground to a complete halt. When the only way to pass a bill is to bribe legislators, there is a big problem.

Now this $871 billion, where is it coming from?? How can government spend money it does not have?? I guess I am just plain dumb, cuz by spending $871 billion, my government is somehow gonna save the medical industry and bring costs down.

If this happens, I think we can say, we here in America, have created a miracle.

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