Saturday, December 12, 2009

I hate Walmart

This guy is kidding, really???

If anyone has ever bought anything at Walmart and had a good experience, I would like to meet that person. I have been into Walmart about 5-8 times in my whole life and each time, it was a disaster. Nothing in stock, huge, huge aisles and long waits in the checkout lines. No one in the store is around to help and if you find someone, they have no clue where your item is.

The worst part of Walmart is the online page. Yesterday,I go to the online webpage and look up Blue Disc players. I find a Phillips for $128. I do a store check and my Walmart has it in stock.

I get in my car and drive to Walmart. I find my item and it is $178 in the store. Why? I ask the clerk, he says, don't know, sometime stuff on the Net is cheaper and sometimes it is not.

I said, "well how is a person supposed to know this?", he shrugs and moves on.

This is ridiculous, how can the store advertise one price and then not sell the item at that price?

So I will continue to hate Walmart and wonder who shops there and why. oh yeah, the line to return items was at least 20 people long and they had one lady trying to help all these folks.

I left the store, vowing to never enter another Walmart again.

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