Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions for Cyclists

1. Double your last year's biking mileage

2. Bike 3-5 times each and every week

3. Learn how to stand up when going up a steep hill

4. Cross train, do some other stuff besides biking, water aerobics, jogging for example

5. Go to someplace new to bike (I'm planning on biking in the state of Michigan this summer)

6. Bike across your entire state (my son is going from Phila to Ann Arbor MI this summer, which is damn, 3 states!)

7. Do a century ride

8. Keep track of the birds and wildlife you are lucky enough to see ( i spotted a beaver made dam on a creek last week, cool)

9. Join a bike club and meet new people

10. STOP telling yourself you are not good enough to take up the sport of cycling

11. Do a 50 -60 mile ride every weekend

12. Look good when biking, get some new clothes, SPLURGE for pete's sake

13. Upgrade your shoes and cleats, get road shoes and new cleats

14. Learn how to maintain your own bike

15. Change a tire without help

16. Stop doing long bikes rides on an empty stomach, EAT on your rides

17. Clean your drive chain every 200 miles

18. Buy a new bike ( I am!!)

19. Upgrade something on your bike

20. HAVE FUN enjoying your new sport ( I plan on it)


Dottie said...

I'm pretty interested in doing a century this year. Only if I can do it on my mixte, though :)

Libby Maxim said...

go dottie, find a nice flat Century, it is really not hard, you just bike from rest stop to rest stop and keeps the mileage doable