Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rides for week of June 29

Great ride options this week for all levels, Saturday ride can start at Northbrook Orchards Store

Tuesday July 1, 5:30 pm

Meet at Hot Foot, two groups will go out:

1. One group will be average to slow riders and newbies, lead by libby
2. One group will be faster riders, calling this group the Super Chicks led by my son

Group one will do 20 miles, out to Downingtown and back.

Group two route will be determined by consensus of group, speed, distance etc.

Thursday July 3, 5:30 pm

Meet at Hot Foot:

One group, all levels welcome, route and speed to be determined by who shows up.

July 5 8:40 am

Cue # 126 with TWO OPTIONS

1st option: leave from Hot Foot at 8:40 am and head to Northbrook Orchard store, on rt 842 past the Nature center.

2nd option: Pick up additional riders at the store at 9 am and do the Dog Daze ride which is about 24 miles starting at Northbrook Orchard store, (which is now re-open)

and you can park your car at the store and if open, there are restrooms and food.

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