Monday, June 2, 2008

Newbie Rides coming

Sunday June 8 1:00 pm Hot Foot Cycles lot, out and back ride 20 miles, any bike welcome, any level welcome.

Sunday June 15 1:00 pm Shaws Bridge Park, 20 miles

Saturday June 22, 8:40 am - West Chester Cycling Club Summer Solstice Ride. You will need someone to give you a ride to Shaws Bridge Park. This is a club sponsored ride and picnic. But there is no parking at Shaws Bridge for this event.

This will be a 24 mile ride. I do not know the route yet, but this ride will focus on newbies. I will be going slow and encouraging newbies to come out and meet other WCCC riders and enjoy the picnic.

HERE is the cue, 24 miles is Leg #3

But you need transportation to and from Shaws Bridge. You can bike to Shaws Bridge from town but then the ride will be way over 35 miles.

This should be a very fun event and worth your time to participate. I will be at Shaws Bridge by 8:30 am on June 21.

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