Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ride Report for June 11

Croak,groan, ouch, glub, burp, galoop, glupp glubp, gulp, cough, choke, snoorgg, sighh, and whatever other terms you can add. I am POOPED!

Tuesday's ride ended up being a rather tough ride. I am afraid I killed a few chicks. We got lost but got back on track. Ride had way more hills that I thought.

I hit the wall on Tigue Road but we finally made it back into the boro. Alexis, who is training for an 1/2 Iron Man loved the ride and plans on doing the ride again. She said she will leave from her home in Exton, bike into the boro, do the Brintons Bridge ride, head back home and then go running.

What a gal! Alexis is a great rider and a great person and I wish her well in her training.

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