Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14 ride report and updates for next week's rides


Had another great great ride, some newbies, Diana, and Julie and Mike, and Bob.

We went out King Road to Malvern and home around Cheyney University. Diana was on her inaugural ride for over 20 miles. She was awesome. A great rider and a great chick.

Today is my birthday and Ellen treated me to a beer/lemonade combo drink at Iron Hill. Now that is the way to finish a ride. What a yummy beverage and really tops off the ride nicely.

We rode about 31 miles and no one walked a hill. I fell right in town and Diana went down but we were fine and continued on. Ya just feel so stupid when you fall.

Picture in slide show of a small plant is a Bonsai Palm Tree, a present for my birthday from my hubby. It is the cutest thing ever, I love it.

Rides for next week:

NO ride tomorrow or Tuesday eve, I am heading to Stone Harbor for some kayaking and biking. Ride will be up for Thursday Eve, June 19. This ride is being dedicated to NEWBIES, so please come. It is going to be cool and nice. We will do a slow easy short ride. Probably do the 18 mile Malvern ride. But this ride is for anyone but will feature the newbies or anyone on a heavy bike or mountain bike.


I promise not to repeat last Thursday's night disaster ( too long and too hilly) and I almost killed myself.

Saturday June 21

Summer Solstice Ride. This ride will take off from Shaw's Bridge Park. 4 different cues, lots of treats and beverages at Shaw's Bridge. I am going to volunteer to man the tables at Shaw's bridge and will not be riding.

But grab a partner or friend and come on and meet lots of WCCC riders. Parking is available further down S Creek at the Soccer Fields.

Sunday June 22 French Creek Iron Tour. Elaine and I are doing the 50 miles, at least I am trying the 50 miles. We will be going slow and easy if anyone wants to join us.

This is a sponsored ride with SAG support and rest stops. Registration is online or the morning of.

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