Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chicks Rule

Elaine, Laura and Libby threw down 52 miles today in the French Creek Iron Tour.

My son rode with us and he was dressed in all pink in honor of the chicks. A few heads turned when we went by.

Laura lives up in northern Chester County and was one fine rider. Laura also works for the Schuylkill River Heritage in public relations. Laura is tiny buy look out on the hills, her legs were machines.

Elaine has improved by about 500% this yr to date. She is also a very strong hill climber and we did have some hills on this ride. Elaine was most often in the lead on the hills, then Laura then me.

We had the "bestest" time ever. I would rate this ride as one of the best sponsored rides in our area.

They had policemen at all the busy intersections which was soooo nice. The course was unbelievable. Who knew there are so many completely car free roads in northern Chester County?

We all commented on the pure beauty of this ride and how so few cars went by. And it was so nice to be on new roads.

Remember, chicks, we got 3 rides up this week. BE THERE

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