Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Thursday night ride, June 12

Historic Glen Mills Train Station
this is on our route tonight

Tonight's ride is 22 miles, we need to leave the lot at 5:30 pm sharp. If you need to buy a light or supplies get there earlier.

This ride heads out Westtown Road, so lights are an absolute MUST. Wear light colored clothing as well. Bring 2 water bottles, again a MUST

Front and back lights would be best. This ride is on some narrow country lanes so it is going to require good riding skills. No wondering out into the road, but sticking to the single lane formation for rides.

I drove this ride today and it is very very nice with few hills and lots of downhill.

Here is the map and cue, study it so you have some idea where we are going.

CUE IS FOUND in the drop down menu called NOTES

Looking forward to a fabo ride. Check bike bag for supplies, tubes, inflation system and a back up plan, someone you can call to pick you up in an emergency, print up the map and cue and give it to your back up person.

You cannot ride tonight without proper supplies.


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