Monday, October 12, 2009

Southwest Airlines and Florida

Circumstances have brought me to Florida again. But I cannot complain, I love Florida, at least the part I am in, the Delray Beach area. Delray is an actual town with streets and houses and stores. So much of Florida is shopping malls and gated communities that is hard to get a feel for the neighborhoods as there are none but the artificial man made ones.

Delray has a lovely downtown and neighborhoods as well with many regular looking houses. There are many huge billion dollar homes and that can be somewhat depressing especially if you do not live in one!

The Intracoastal runs the entire length of Florida, a man made canal system apparently built during WWII. But as a result, you have a lovely waterway, much like a road only way better.

The skies this time of the year are pure pink and orange in the evening and clear blue skies during the day. Locals are complaining that it is still too hot as normally at this time of the year, temps drop to high 70s and low 80s and today it was 90. But compared to the rest of the country, if you are complaining, all i can say is "get a life".

Flights to Florida during the summer are very cheap, many northerners think of Florida as a winter retreat. But during summer and fall, few folks are hear so it is just great. NO crowds, no lines and empty beaches. What more can a person ask for.

Now to Southwest. Those of you who have never flown SWA, you should. Not only can you book online, you can check in 24 hrs in advance and you have first choice of your boarding place. Now if like me and you forget, does not matter, the flight is only 2 hrs.

Another great thing about SWA, you can change a flight with NO penalty. You can cancel a flight as well for no penalty. SWA simply stores the money and you can use it later.

And all of this is done online, never need to call the airlines. plus you can check bags for free or take them aboard. If you fly a lot, these things can make flying much more pleasant.

Cuz stuff happens and there are times when you book a flight and cannot make the trip. With SWA, no problem, just cancel and save the money into your saved funds account.

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