Saturday, October 3, 2009

chicks doing great things

These two smiling happy ladies once rode with the chicks, both are young and both stuck with the sport, now both do Triathlons and obviously look very happy.

J on the right started on a cheap used bike and now is making plans to buy her first good bike.

A on the left had a good bike right from the start, both ladies now bike a B+ pace and both are having fun.

Chicks is the one bike group that will help ladies achieve great things on the bike. We hate to lose ladies but at the same time, feel good that we can be a small part of helping chicks to do great things on the bike.

We have had 3 chicks do a Century ride which includes me. All three chicks who did the Century ride were past the age of 50. So who says when you get older that you have to stop doing tough activities?

Many of you reading this post are not riding with me. You are afraid to give it a try. Just want to let you know, every time I do a long ride I have apprehension. It is common. On the Bike Fresh Bike Local ride at about mile 18 I really thought I would not make it. Thanks to Elaine, I did.

So you have good company if you are afraid, most of us are at some time during a ride. But when you finish, you feel so good.

Do you want this same feeling, then join the Chicks for a great ride.

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