Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaf Peeping in Chester County

I know I sound like a broken record, but traveling far and wide to find good biking is just not necessary if you live in Chester County. Today my son and I did cue # 161, which takes the rider through some sensational countryside viewing.

This cue is moderately hilly and very doable for almost any skill level. There are many other cues on the West Chester Cycling Club page to choose from as well.

I know cyclists rave about cycling in Colorado or the California coast but for us lucky Pennsylvanians, we can easily get to Chester County and find some of the most incredible biking in the country.

What makes our county unique is the variety of biking. Flat, hills, big hills, quiet roads, busy roads, whatever floats your boat.

Many folks get reluctant to bike when it is not hot summer weather. With some good cool weather clothing, biking in the fall can be some of the best biking of the entire year.

Get some good undergarments and long tights, earmuffs and head covers, arm warmers and other similar stuff and you can bike very comfortably in most fall weather in our county.

But many folks live in Chester County and have no clue as to the great biking available right out their front doors.

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