Tuesday, October 6, 2009

making a cue sheet and Saturday's Ride

Making a map on My Bikely and generating a cue sheet and then getting the cue sheet into a .pdf format is no easy job. My Bikely lets you draw a map and hand make the cue sheet. I have made a NEW CUE, # 253 - Donut Ride. You can find this new cue on the WCCC cue sheet page.

Once the cue sheet gets generated (remember I made it, so i cannot guarantee I got all my lefts and rights accurate), you have to cut and paste it into a spreadsheet program and then download it as a .pdf.

YIKES, can anyone follow that?? My point being making a new cue sheet and map is NOT easy. So do not yell at me if it is not accurate. I do suggest that you go to this link and STUDY the map BEFORE heading out, especially if you do not know the area.

If you find an error, email me and let me know as I can fix it.

Saturday October 10 8:30 am Hot Foot. Cue # 253, this is the Donut Ride. We will stop at Northbrook Market Place for a donut and a bathroom break. Bring some cash. This ride will be a gentle ride, so calling all ladies and men. Do not hesitate to come ride.

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